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Matilda Author: Roald Dahl Age group: 6 + I found this book amazing because Matilda loves to read and I love to read. Summary: This story is about a little girl who loved to read. She loved books of all kinds. Her parents didn’t like her reading. They left her alone in the mornings. Matilda’sContinue reading “Matilda”

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Author: Roald Dahl Age Group: 8 – 10 WARNING!!! Spoilers! I found this book great because of the e the elevator and the space hotel and how they get to the factory Summary: Now, this book is a continuation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ( ) ItContinue reading “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”

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In Chapter 22, the genre is the most important. It tells you what the subject of the book is going to be about. In Harry Potter, it has a lot of genre. One of them is adventure. Here, i’m mostly going to write fantasy and/or adventure.

Living In a Story

β€œWhen we read a story, we inhabit it.”

In Chapter 22, we live in it. Like Harry Potter’s school, Howarts, we feel like we are actually there

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